Abingdon IPMS

Competition 2 - 2022

The winning team:   Kiran (Third), Paul  J (Second) & Kevin G (First)


Roden 1/32 DH 2 by Kevin G 


Taimya 1/35 Dragon-Wagon & Panther by Paul J


Italeri 1/72 B-52H by Kiran 

“Gettin’ Low Down & Dirty!” – B-52H from 410th BW, K.I. Sawyer AFB 

Italeri 1/72 Scale kit no. 1262 with PJ Productions pilots, mixture of kit decals & Warbirds decals

Use of Albion Alloys struts to bend wings upwards. Scratch-built lumps, bumps, ariel’s,

pitot tubes, antennae, navigation lights, wind screen wipers and EVS, FLIR (starboard)

& LLTV (port) turrets. Finished in Vallejo, Alclad paints. Base by Coastal Kits.

The other entries

Tamiya 1/48 Corsair F4U-1D with Moto Tug by Si

Bandai 1/72 A-Wing by Tim

Eduard 1/48 Albatross by Geoff

Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1 Taira Racing by Si

Monogram 1/48 C-47, Tamiya 1/48 Cargo Truck & Tamiya  1/48 Supplies Set by Kiran

All OOB builds with use of Vallejo, Humbrol & Alclad paints.

Modified paratroopers by chopping heads and arms off and repositioning. Vallejo Washes 

C-47 Skytrain Diorama

In the fading light of an April day in 1944 at an undisclosed location somewhere in

Western Europe, heavily laden paratroopers of the 101st Airborne division (Screaming Eagles)

prepared their equipment for a daring secret mission behind enemy lines, a pre cursor

to the D Day landings. As the jumpmaster discusses details of the impending

flight with the aircrew, Paratroopers make final adjustments to harnesses,

discuss their mission and try to relax before wheels up. In the midst of all

this the truck driver decides its time to clean his windscreen! and the co-pilot

smoking a cigarette faces the C-47 pondering what this mission will bring

and will he make it back.