Abingdon IPMS

Competition 2 (Virtual) - 2021


Wingnut Wings 1/32 AEG G.IV (late) By Victor


Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane C2 By Richard Napper

Hurribomber”With Quickboost Exhausts, Control Column and Master brass Barrels added. 

A few scratch replacements such as sway braces, control wires and pitot.


1/35 Dragon Wirblewind and Italeri Ammo Trailer By Kirk

Flakpanzer Wirblewind, Herman Goring Panzer Division, Alsace Lorraine, 1945.

with Value Gear resin tarps, Master replacement gun barrels. Painted with AK, Vallejo and Tamiya paints.

The other entries

Tamiya 1/72 F-16C Turkish Air Force, NATO Tiger Meet By Si

  Airfix 1/48 EE Lightning F6. 74 Sqn Tenagh Singapore circa 1971 By Bob

Aries resin cockpit and jet pipes , Aeroclub nose ring – Master pitot , Amory wheels , mix of Eduard / Airwaves etch ,

little lenses , some scratch details (opened vents /gun barrels & camera/brake lines/aerials/holographic heads to

missiles etc). Vallejo metal colours /acrylics – SNJ polishing powder. Decals a mix of kit and Xtradecals.

Bandai 1:48 Snowspeeder By Wilson.

OOB build. Luke Skywalker and Zev Senesca returning to base after a fierce engagement.

Tamiya 1/35 M20  recce vehicle By Graham.

 Belkits 1/24 Ford Escort Mk.1 rally car By Laurence

Bandia 1/72 B-Wing By Tim

A heavily armed Rebel Alliance single-pilot starfighter and bomber manufactured by Slayn & Korpil

ESCI 1/48 IAF Kfir’s C2/C7 By Kiran

What If:

Somewhere high over the Middle East….

Two ‘Zion Lions’ take on Flak….

Pilots: Classified….

Squadron: Classified….

Mission: Stop the Nuclear threat….

Pilots & seats by PJ Productions (thanks Kirk), Minimal kit decals

& mainly Isra Decals (thanks Kevin), hand painted with Vallejo, home made sensors, Ejection

pull handles, pitot tubes & aerials.