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Latest builds

1/24 Ford Escort MK1 Rally Car by Belkits.

1/9 Honda Six Racer from 1967 by Protar.

1/35 Scammel Pioneer by IBG.
Basically, OOB with extra detailing in the engine compartment. All the injector pipes, throttle control rods and coolant pipes are from wire. The cable guide in the middle of the crane jib is made from spare PE bits. The bike on the back is a Bronco kit of the Triumph 350 dispatcher bike. The base is covered with cork sheet and the sand bag wall is resin. The BMW bike against the wall is captured and is being repainted from dark yellow to Olive green

1/48th Airfix Buccaneer Kit

1/35 Mirror Models Chevrolet CMP Wrecker

I have been making plastic kits since I was about 13 when I was a member of Abingdon squadron Air Training Corps. Models were displayed in the canteen on squadron meetings for all to discuss. I am one of the founder members of Abingdon IPMS, joining the club very shortly after it was formed in 1978 by the late Tony Clements.

In those days I was interested in aircraft, especially RAF and Fleet Air Arm post war types. Over the years however, I have diversified and had a go at making most things from figures to ships, dioramas and sci-fi models. These days, my main interests are military vehicles, and I specialise in converting military vehicles into recovery and breakdown trucks. I still do make the odd aircraft, like the Micromir 1/144th scale Beverley and Argosy, examples of which I flew in whilst in the ATC.

I do like to make my vehicles in a used and dirty condition rather than “just out of the showroom”. I have studied and practised many types of weathering techniques and am a big advocate of dry brushing (which seems to be falling out of favour in some circles). I regularly use weathering powders and washes, and also use oil paints and lead pencils to achieve the effect that I am after.

Even though I have been retired for a few years now, the majority of my model making is during the winter, that is not to say I do not have a dabble during the summer months, but there are other things to occupy my time then, such as my classic motorcycle, dog walking and going on holidays! I also from time to time do a little bit of water colour painting. I have always had an interest in aircraft, but I also like old trucks, cars, buses and bikes, and these are the main subjects of my paintings.

I have always been a Honda enthusiast, having owned some in the 1960;s and currently own a CB77 from 1965 and its subject to an ongoing restoration. In the past I have refurbished a CB550F, a CB500F, and I once bought a CB1100R completely in pieces, which took me about 6 months to put all back together. I have also refurbished a couple of 50cc scooters and sold them on. My wife and I have had dogs for many years and currently have a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so dog walking is every day for us, rain or shine. We also enjoy our holidays, and have been many places over the years including Australia (twice). Just after I retired we drove from Boston to San Francisco over 14 days. We do like going on road trips, and have driven many places in the continent over the years.

Here are a few photos of my models, and I thank you for looking at the Abingdon IPMS web page, I hoped you enjoyed it and maybe if you live locally, you will come along to one of our club nights sometime.

1/24 Sci-fi Diorama

“You Can’t Park Here Pal”

This sci/fi diorama was made around 1982, at the request of my son who was then 9. The robot was a kit I purchased at a model show, make unknown now. It has some additions, like an Airfix Honda CB750 rear light on the top, and more recently a couple of bits from an Airfix 1/48th scale Land Rover. The figures were from a 1/24th scale Tamiya set, called “Campus Friends”, which included the scooter. The trailer is an upturned canvas tilt from a truck kit, with wagon wheels on a homemade frame. The groundwork was sand and other bits; the roadway was a plastic sheet of paving.

This model has been a firm favourite of my son, and now my grandson. It recently got badly damaged and after repairs, the alien dog and the bird on top of the post were added, courtesy of the Tamiya farm animals set, in 1.35th scale. It was just something different to make and was good fun.

1/144th Micromir Blackburn Beverley, this one was based all its service life at RAF Abingdon, and I flew in 1962.

1/35th, The Henschel is a Revell kit, straight from the box with some small added detail on the engine. The figures are modified Tamiya.

1/32nd Airfix Mont’s Humber staff car converted to a breakdown car.

1/35th IBG kit, Bedford QL cargo truck, with a modified body and a scratch built crane. The first few pictures show the crane being constructed with Evergreen plastic product, (channel, angle and flat strips).Gears from the travel alarm clock again, the hook is scratch built.

The T photos are the Mirror Models Diamond T military wrecker. It is built straight from the box with just a few bits and bobs added in the back and painted in civilian colours. Because there was a twist in the chassis which resulted in the front wheel not touching the ground, I showed it as being jacked up in the garage yard having some maintenance. The figures are again modified Italeri civil items.


Museum of Flight in Seattle

The Bedford MW is also the Airfix kit, built from the box with some extra detailing in the load area.

The AEC is an AFV Club kit of the military gun tractor (early type). The body was modified and a scratch built Harvey Frost type crane mounted in the rear. Tank wheels were used for the cable and winch rollers. The gears are from inside a travel alarm clock. The lifting arm at the back was scratch built as were the bench and tools. The compressor and welding bottles are from a workshop tools kit. The figure is highly modified from an Italeri civilian kit.

The Albion is from the Airfix aircraft refueller, with a scratch built body and crane

1/48th Airfix Sea Vixen Kit

Dun Rollin is a small diorama with a very old Revell kit of a Chevrolet truck (the kit dates from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s). The car is a Tamiya Ford staff car.

The Ice Cream van is one of the first conversions I made, in 1979. It is based on the old Airfix Model T Ford car with plastic card body, and is completely hand painted.

Willys/Ford Jeep

This is a very rare kit made by MITSUWA and is 1/20th scale. It was purchased at the IPMS National Championships around 1980. It is made straight from the box except for some detailing in the engine bay and some scratch built clutter inside the vehicle, including the “Lucky Strike “ cigarettes on the passenger’s seat. I have never seen another one, made or unmade anywhere.

Honda CB77 taken in 1967

1965 Honda CB77 taken in 2019

1975 Honda CB500 Four taken in 2010

1977 Honda CB400 Four taken in 2018