Abingdon IPMS

By comparison to other modellers of my age, I am a late-comer to the hobby. I only really started in 2016, at the age of 55!!

I was out shopping with my youngest daughter, I have three, who is very creative and wanted to spend her pocket money on some craft materials. Whilst in the shop, I noticed a selection of model kits in a corner; mainly Airfix, Tamiya and Revell. I thought to myself “why not”. I bought a kit and experienced all the frustration that every beginner must feel. But…I was hooked.

Determined to try and improve my skills, I noticed that there was a model show in Salisbury and decided to have a look – this was June 2017. Never having attended a show before I had no idea what to expect. It was amazing to see the standards of skills on show, the trade stands and the mountains of kits!!

During the Salisbury show, I wandered over to the Abingdon Club stand and started a conversation with Laurence Cassidy. Everyone on the stand was engaging, helpful and very friendly. They invited me along to their next meeting. I decided to accept this offer and have not looked back.

I have learned so much through my attendance at the club and would strongly urge all modellers to visit their local clubs. By doing so, they are supporting the hobby and in return the club will support them.

Working full-time in London does not leave much time during the week to spend at my bench. I also like to experiment and try new things, especially weathering effects. As a result of these two factors my output of ‘completed’ models is not very high!

My main interests are old vehicles, mainly old rusty trucks. I have also developed an interest in building miniature submarines – don’t ask why, I just like them. Having grown up next to the sea in the far north of Scotland, I am starting to feel drawn towards trying my hand at building a ship.

I have included some pictures of my efforts, including some which are still very much in progress. Thank you for visiting this page and reading this far. If you are already a modeller, I wish you success with your efforts. If you are not, why not give it a try, you may find it a rewarding experience.